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Lesson 1 The Grip 2

Having correct golf grip is critical to becoming a better golfer. We share some secret golf grip tips that you might not have known before.

Lesson 2 Set Up and Stance

This is another piece to the puzzle of hitting the ball correctly. Most people think there isn’t much to this but your set up will determine ‘where’ you hit the ball.

Lesson 3 Ball Position

Golfers do not realize that if your ball position is off it WILL have an impact not only on the direction of your shot but the ball flight as well. Either miscue will lead to poor shots. This lesson shows the right way.

Lesson 4 Alignment

What in the world is ‘Parallel Left’?, and what does your alignment have to do with rail road tracks? Find out in this video.

Lesson 5 The Full Swing 2

As you’ll see in this lesson this is where the ‘action’ takes place. Follow a few more key steps in this video and you’ll start hitting the ball straighter, more consistently which will lead to lower scores.

Lesson 6 Chipping

One of the fastest ways to lower your scores is to master the short game. In this lesson we show why you may want to carry more than 1 wedge in your bag, and that there are some creative ways to use various clubs to get the ball close to the pin.

Lesson 7 Putting

We’ll show you how to save the most amount of strokes on the golf course thru our sure fire Putting secrets.


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