Great Golf Solutions

In Just One Hour…

See How This Female Golfer can
Outdrive Most MEN
Allowing You to Destroy Your Friends on Golf
Course, and Become the Man They Fear
… All by Using this “Secret Swing…“


From: Steve Kilberg

Dear Friend,

What I have below for you is the secret of how you’re going to start dominating every golf game you play in… even if you have barely any time to practice and don’t think you have an athletic bone in your body.

You’re going to use this technique when you’re playing a round of golf with your buddies…

Or at a tournament with your coworkers…

Or when you’re “socializing” with your annoying brother in law who you want nothing more than to humiliate on the green in front of everyone.

What I have here below the single most powerful guide to “social-only” games… meaning you’re playing with friends, co-workers, and acquaintances, not professionals.

If you want to be the next Tiger Woods, leave and leave now.

I would be only lying to you if I said I can get you into in the U.S. Open from this website (and anyone who says they can is trying to scam you!).

So if you’re ready to start kicking ass in games, win bets against friends, and celebrate your victories with everyone buying you drinks at the local pub, then keep reading…

This is for you if:

bullet You’re tired of losing bad on the golf course and want to start winning games easily and consistently.
bullet You don’t have time to take regular golf lessons and want to get good quick.
bullet You have enough strength to hit the ball pretty far, but it ends up going all over the place instead of straight to the hole.
bullet You’re looking forward to beating the pants off your friends and coworkers while impressing everyone watching.
bullet You’re willing to use some sneaky tricks and hacks (though perfectly legal) to beat your friends at golf


This is NOT for you if:

bullet You’ve never played a game of golf in your life.
bullet You are planning to be a pro PGA golfer and fantasize about taking Tiger Woods down in the next tournament.
bullet You are not willing to take a simple 30-50 minute session to skyrocket your golf game.
bullet Your swing is so weak that you can’t go past 100 yards.
bullet You plan on using these golf tricks to “hustle” and scam amateurs out of their money.


Now as I tell you what this secret is, I have to
confess something to you…

I Was a Complete Embarrassment
on the Course

Until I Discovered This Golf Technique

I tried everything possible to get good at golf. I didn’t care about being a pro. I just wanted to be good enough to enjoy the game because it frankly just wasn’t fun anymore.

bullet I read book after book on improving my swing.
bullet I took lessons from expensive experts who only told me things I had heard before (and hadn’t worked).
bullet I asked friends for advice… (who apparently had no idea why they were successful)…
I even tried those woo-woo “inner game” methods where you meditate and imagine winning games (which felt good at the time but translated to zero results in the real world)


Another thing that was hard was everyone had a different opinion on what worked.

Was I supposed to aim at the ball or at the target? How far do I bring my club back? Am I nailed to the ground or am I standing relaxed?

All this time, my performance was suffering even more. My friends would laugh… placing bets on how far out of bounds my next shot would be.

If my sporting failure was not enough… I was feeling deeply socially rejected as well, and it was very painful to be the butt of jokes.

I was completely at the end of my rope and ready to quit. At some point I rationalized “if this just isn’t fun anymore, why am I even putting myself through this.”

And believe it or not, it would have been the right decision to quit had I not met Julie Bartleson that week!

I Was Shocked to Find that a Woman
Could Outswing Every Guy I Know

This is where it gets weird…

Like I said, I had just about given up golf for good when I was introduced to Julie Bartleson at a dinner party. She was in her pretty cocktail attire so I had no idea she was a professional athlete. I just assumed she was somebody’s wife who was in pretty good shape.

I had to put my foot in my mouth when I realized who she was.

My friend nearby elbowed me and said “Steve, you’re a big golfer, right? Let me introduce you to Julie. She’s a Division #1 Pro in Golf and has trained tournament winners…”

Not only was I embarrassed to have misjudged her, but one thing I did not want to talk about was golf!

As far as I was concerned… I was done! And talking to someone who was succeeding at my saddest failure was not something I wanted to do.

But I didn’t want to be rude, so swallowed my ego and talked to her for a little bit.

We got to talking a little more privately and after she could see the embarrassment in my eyes for being terrible at golf, she said something I would never forget.

“You know Steve… I can actually outdrive any man I play with because…”

And she leaned into my ear and whispered – so only I could hear – the secret that she uses to destroy men on the field every single day

My eyes widened and I knew I had to give golf one last shot before giving up for good.

I asked her if she gave lessons. I was willing to sign up for weekly (or even daily) sessions with her after what she told me…

But as she leaned back a bit and took a sip of her wine, she said something that seriously stunned me…

“Steve, you only need to take one lesson with me… because that’s all you will need to be the best. In fact… if you don’t feel like you’re the biggest man on the field you’ve ever been… the lesson is free. ”

She Guaranteed She Could Fix My
Golf Game in One Hour… Impossible!

Now that was an offer I could not refuse.

In the unbelievable lesson to follow… she showed me more about golf in 60 minutes than I had understood in my entire life…

And it was so simpleway simpler than anything I head read in a book or learned from any other instructors

She corrected mistakes I had that are so common that they are taught by well-meaning professionals… and she replaced those “false techniques” with ways to easily lob the ball far away to any destination… with far greater accuracy than I had ever dreamed.

Not to mention… my slice had somehow disappeared in minutes… and I felt like a whole new man.

My Next Golf Game… And Every Game
After… I Was Now the Most Feared
and Respected Man on the Field

It was amazing how fast the changes came.

No longer was I the joke of the field when my friends and co-workers played. I watched my handicap disappear and my friends beg to know what I was doing differently.

I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to be the one laughing at your buddies’ obvious golf errors instead of the other way around.

Even better… there’s that sense of glory in knowing that they’re following the so-called “tried and true” techniques that are obliterating their chances of winning.

And now… I am going to give you the chance to learn these techniques yourself.

I somehow got Julie to agree to this after negotiating… charming… and outright demanding she give others a chance to know what she knows.

Julie is an amazing instructor and to work with her, you have to be in the tiny area surrounding the elite country clubs she visits… and pay an arm and a leg for the privilege.

At some point I just got red-faced and flat out said:

“Julie… Do you really want to someday retire knowing you only helped a handful of people?? Do you realize you could change the game forever if you simply recorded yourself and made yourself available to the entire world through this legacy???”

I had gotten her soft spot. Julie did want to leave a legacy. She was a third generation professional golfer and did not want her contribution to be limited to her bloodline.

So we worked out a deal and I got her to record all of her secrets in this concise… and explosive package below:





Kristin (Denver, CO) – Kristin was referred to me by one of her colleagues and she really had no experience when we first met. Her main goal was to feel confident enough to take clients out on the golf course. We started with the fundamentals and built a swing that she could feel comfortable with. With my Great Golf Solutions system, Kristin excelled quickly and is very happy with her golf game. She is now able to take clients out to golf and feel good about her game!


Susan (Fort Meyers, FL) – Susan bought my Great Golf Solutions system because she wanted to get over that ‘hump’ and see improvement in her game. After watching my videos and incorporating my techniques into her game, she was able to lower her scores on a consistent basis. I’ve had the privilege of working one-on-one with Susan via video, and I’m thrilled to witness her improvement.


Jeff (Omaha, NE) – Jeff came to me as an average golfer who struggled with accuracy and consistency on the golf course. With my Great Golf Solutions videos, he was able to see improvement and fine tune his game. The short game videos really helped Jeff the most, especially the putting series. Jeff realized quickly that working on your putting is where you can improve your game the most. I’m excited to work with Jeff more on his swing this year!


Take 4 Strokes Off Your Game This Week
And Dominate Your Next Ten Games

Or Get Your Money Back Instantly!

For the first (and likely only) time ever…

Julie Bartleson is giving you on video everything you need to turn yourself into a golf-game winning machine that devastates your friends on the field consistently.

In easy-to-understand online video lessons, you will learn everything she taught me to skyrocket my game…

Only you will have an advantage I never had…

You’ll be able to watch these videos again and again until the amazing techniques are literally in your bones.

Each video is only 3 to 8 minutes long so you can easily digest every piece to improving (and exploding) your golf game.

You’ll learn things like…

bullet The Perfect Set-up… so your body is configured to nearly automatically hit the ball exactly where it needs to go (This takes 85% of your need to think right off the table, so you can just relax and win)
bullet How to align your stance with the ball so your swing is natural, fluid, and requires barely any focus to hit your target.
bullet. All Common Mistakes Cleaned Up once and for all… Fixing even one bad habit can completely transform your game so winning is a breeze… (and lots more fun!)
bullet. How to form a grip with your hands that will protect your arms from tensing up and give you that smooth-as-butter swing that gently guides the ball hundreds of feet to your destination.
bullet. The secret to injecting golf fundamentals into your muscle-memory so you can cut your practice time down to just a pre-game warm up (or a mid-week session if you want to do more).
bullet. Left-handed advantages you can use to crush right-handed opponents (And if you’re right-handed, you must read this to know what you’re up against when facing south paws.)
bullet Get yourself in an unstoppable *power* mindset every time you grab your club… just by following these 3 steps…
bullet. How to position your hands so your club hits the right pressure-points (This is an age-old secret to make your club feel like an extension of your arm to give you absolute control.)
bullet The only place you should ever cross your fingers on your grip (If you think this is the center, you are ruining your accuracy!)
bullet The “Left Thumb Test” that lets you know if your next swing is going to get your ball stuck in the nearest sand trap.
bullet. Exploding the “Grip like it’s an egg” myth… and exactly how much pressure you should have to give you the maximum level of accuracy AND power.
bullet How to stop “invisible pressure”… where your grip is unconsciously too tight and giving away games that should have been easy wins.
bullet. The 3 Best Grips and how to pick the perfect one for you (One of these is ONLY for women and children and puts any man at an immediate and crushing disadvantage!)
bullet. Why keeping your feet nailed to the ground is horrendous advice, and what you must do instead to get a relaxed, graceful foundation for your swing.
bullet How to add a jungle cat agility to your game that rewards full body movement instead of punishing it.
bullet Five “no-time” drills you can use in your living room (even with a broomstick!) that will get you wired for victory on your next game.
bullet How to avoid the “Point of No Return” balance mistake that murders 90% of games for amateurs.
bullet How wide your feet should really be… (you only know half the story even if you’ve been playing for years.)
bullet The two types of “shoulder length” stances, and how mixing them up can mess up a sure win with your friends and coworkers.
bullet. The exact athletic abilities you need to win every game (This is very different from other sports and you cannot afford to ignore this, whether you’re super-fit or completely out of shape)
bullet The exact spot to position your ball to get unbelievable distance in every drive.
bullet. How to get a blatantly unfair advantage by getting a feel for the course before a game (You can do this in just a few minutes without walking around)
bullet. The secret to choosing the perfect club for any swing or situation (You’ll be like an expert surgeon choosing a razor-sharp scalpel for your wins)
bullet. A shockingly effective technique where you can win even with the wrong club by adjusting your ball position (You can win some fun bets this way by intentionally picking the “wrong” club and making a wager)
bullet The DANGER ZONE near your left foot that can turn a hole-in-one into a 7-stroke embarrassment.
bullet The one biggest mistake a man makes in a game… and how to make sure it never happens to you again.
bullet. A 2-Second Process you can use to increase your accuracy by 30%… (This will make your friends stunned when they watch you make nearly impossible shots)
bullet How to begin your swing with a take-away that lets all your opponents know immediately that they made a big mistake betting against you.
bullet How to start off your swing with a take-away that gives you all the power you need without compromising accuracy.
bullet. A idiot-proof, connect-the-dots formula to smash your clubhead through the ball so powerfully (and accurately) that your friends demand you tell them what you’re doing differently
bullet. The never-before revealed technique of how to use your wrist to generate maximum club speed (If you’ve been using your shoulders or hips for this you’re in for an amazing improvement of your game.)
bullet The exact angle… (down to the degree) to take your backswing so you never lose your iron-clad control of the club.
bullet How to predict – almost down to the foot – how far you’ll hit the ball with every club in your arsenal.
bullet How to outdrive guys twice your size and humiliate anyone who thinks he can outmuscle you on the course.
bullet Why you’re absolutely not done after you hit the ball and need these 5 Follow-Through Guidelines.
bullet How to keep rock-solid balance during every step of your swing.
bullet Where your club should be pointing right after hitting the ball to nearly guarantee your success.
bullet How to double or even triple your swing’s power no matter how flexible or strong you think you are.
bullet The amount of strength you really need to be a powerful driver and player (Strength matters… but not how you think!)
bullet How to construct an unbelievable pre-shot routine that makes you relaxed… confident… and practically invincible on the green.
bullet. Psychological techniques to psych yourself up to exude confidence with every step on the grass (This will devastatingly intimidate anyone you play with and give you a scary advantage overnight)
bullet. Visualization Techniques to train your subconscious to improve your game while you sleep (Yes, you can be getting better at golf 24 hours a day if you do this)
bullet How to easily and effortlessly tie this all together so you don’t have to remember anything when you’re on the green and just have fun!




Like I said, all of these are given in bite-size pieces so you will not be overwhelmed at any time. If you want, you can go through the whole course at once, or go by a little piece each day at your own convenience.

There’s no rush and the videos are always available to you from the moment you register until the day you have the entire thing memorized.

You Pay Less than the Price of a
Single Golf Lesson To Become the
Toughest & Most Intimidating
Golfer in Your Group

Imagine how much it would cost to have Julie take you on the green even once.

Since she doesn’t live near you, this would be nearly impossible to begin with, but let’s say that she happened to be in town and was up to give you a lesson while she was at the country club.

You would pay a minimum of $200 just for 45 minutes on the green, which would still be a steal in my opinion.

Then after she gave you the best lesson of your life, you would take some notes and try your damndest to remember everything and keep applying what you learned.

Now what if you could talk to Julie again and again, and she’d be reminding you of everything you need to know to be impressive on the golf course…

Having ongoing “catch-up” sessions with any pro (even pros with a fraction of Julie’s ability) would quickly get you to over $1,000 in lesson fees. It might be worth it but your bank would quickly feel the heat.

What I’m offering you is as close to the non-stop Julie experience as you can get without flying Julie over to your town to help you. You’re getting ongoing access to Julie through these training videos which you can watch as many times as you like.

You’ll start transforming as a player right away and can come back in between your games to refresh and guarantee your game is forever changed.

And luckily, you’re not going to pay $200 for her help with this.

You’re not going to pay $100 either.

In fact, you’re not even going to pay $57, which would be less the going rate for a single lesson with a decent coach.



Get The Complete Golf Swing Today
and Get $77 Worth in Bonuses!


Bonus #1: Golf Health & Nutrition
to Condition Your Body for
Automatic Success

Value: $28

great-golf-solutions-health-tipsHow would you like to hack your body into becoming a game-winning machine?

Did you know there are specific little shifts you can make in your eating and drinking before a game that will give you an even more unfair advantage over your friends who just ate whatever they felt like that day?

In this 58-page guide, you’ll learn:

bullet How much water should you drink before a game… if any?
bullet If it’s a really hot day on the green… should you have ice water? Getting this wrong will make everything else you’ve learned useless.
bullet How Caffeine will effect your game (it’s NOT how you think),
bullet When to skip water and have juices or sports drinks instead for amazing endurance on the field.
bullet The three fruits and five vegetables to choose from that will heighten your senses, giving you a killer edge on the golf course when you aim your ball at the hole.
bullet How much carbohydrates you should have both during the week and right before your game to maximize your energy and fun you have on the green.
bullet The right amount of protein to look muscular on the green to anyone watching you want to show off to.
bullet How to use fats to create a back-up supply of energy and power to turn your club into a sledgehammer when you need it the most.
bullet The best time to eat before your game so your head is at it’s clearest and your body is at it’s most powerful.
bullet The real deal on supplements (There are only four vitamins & minerals that will help your golf game… and they’re NOT what you think)


Bonus #2: Stretching for Better Golf

Value: $12


bullet Get the maximum power from you swing by making your muscles reach farther back with an unstoppable catapult effect!
bullet Make your body completely malleable to deal with those difficult swinging situations like getting stuck in a rough patch.
bullet Keep your muscles relaxed the entire game… (The more flexible you are, the less your muscle fibers need to work for your movements).
bullet Simple stretches you can use with your clubs right before your turn to get the best speed, power and accuracy from your swing.
bullet Every stretch you possibly need for your game… all in less than 10 minutes!

Bonus #3: Strength for Better Golf

Value: $12


bullet 5 Quick Exercises you can do any time to add power and endurance to your game… sailing your ball far ahead of your opponents while they gasp in jaw-dropped shock.
bullet Get strong, ripped shoulders and arms to get greater distance for your drives… and to show off to anyone watching.
bullet Burn fat to increase your golf endurance and trim your waistline at the same time…
bullet No gym required for any of this… Do these at home, on the green, or even at work!
bullet Look more muscular and attractive both on the green and at the pub afterward!


Bonus #4: Winning Bets on the Green

Value: $25

golf-games-and-bettingNow that you have unquestionably superior skills from training with The Complete Swing, you’re going to want to show up your friends… take money from competitors… and have an absolute blast doing it.

In this short guide, you’ll learn close to two dozen ways to play with your friends and coworkers and induce them to put money on the table so you can smile and line your pockets with bar money tonight.

We warn you to keep these as friendly as possible, because you can actually start some arguments if you push the envelope too far when betting.

We’ll leave it to you for where to draw the line.

These Bonuses are Disappearing…

But you get all of the bonuses above as PDF downloads INSTANTLY when you sign up for The Complete Swing today!

These bonuses will, in time, become parts of other products, so we will remove them as this happens. But if you get started right now, you can download them and keep them forever… even if they get yanked from the site tomorrow!



“Lowered Score by 7 Shots in 1 Visit!”

testimonial-photo3-Peter-DDue to life ‘getting in the way’ I had virtually stopped playing golf the last couple of years….

When I did go back out, Wow had I lost my game.

However, thanks to Julies Great Golf Solutions Program I was able to lower my scores by 7 shots after 1 visit to the range

I would recommend her program to anyone looking to improve their game.

Thanks Julie for making it all so simple!

– Peter D. — Boston, MA

Line_Breaker“I Was Upset with Myself in Golf…

But Now I Just Saved 6 Strokes!!”

<Video of Jeff from Omaha>

– Jeff — Omaha, NE

Line_Breaker“Game Improved Overnight!”

testimonial-1-Beth_150Using Julie’s Great Golf Solutions, I found my game had improved overnight.

I was able to practice the various secrets in her videos and when I was out on the golf course,I was definitely more confident.

I would highly recommend learning from Julie if you want to be a better golfer.

– Beth A. — Limassol, Cyprus


“So Happy… I’m Now a Better Golfer”

testimonial-2-Harrison-P_125I am so happy I purchased Julie’s Great Golf Solutions.

I was spending so much money and time on golf lessons form pros who didn’t take the time to really understand my golf game.

I was never able to duplicate anything those other pros were teaching.

Watching Julie’s videos put everything into perspective andher easy to understand teachings helped me to be a bettergolfer.

– Harrison P. — Minneapolis, MN

Line_Breaker“Has Really Helped Me! Definitely Recommend Her!”

testimonial-photo4-Kelly-Jo-110x147I totally agree with what Steve is saying.

Julie definitely knows what she is talking about and her simple solutions to be a better all around golfer have really helped me.

I would definitely recommend her Great Golf Solutions.

–KellyW. — Boise, ID

Line_BreakerAnd of course…

You Are 100% Protected by

Our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
AND You Keep the Product!


But Wait… How Can I Be Sure
This Will Work?

Well by now, if you’ve read this far (and I do appreciate that)… you’re probably at least convinced that this sounds good… great, actually…

You’d love to be able to show up at any pick-up golf game and mop the floors with other players.

It would awesome to have breathtakingly smooth swings and nail shots hundreds of yards away while your friends gasp all slack-jawed.

But can this really all be as good as it sounds?

Well let’s lay out the facts.

You have Julie Bartleson… an undisputed golf pro and a 3rd generation golf athlete and instructor training you… the absolute cream of the teaching crop… not a “no name” like you would get at your community center…

You have also not only my testimony but claims from numerous others who are putting their names and pictures (and video!) publicly on the internet for the sole purpose of vouching for how this product has changed their lives…

And what’s more… you have a 100% money-back guarantee in which you can keep the product if anything goes wrong.

For me to put this out there and have it not have this product produce fantastic results… would make this one amazing conspiracy to take over the golf world.

And trust me, if I could get Golf Legend Julie Bartleson and all these people in on a conspiracy this big, I’d be in some other line of work than this…

The bottom lines is that this works and you’re completely protected matter what happens… I’ve taken all the risk here… (probably too much risk), but that’s how confident I am that your golf game will skyrocket based on The Complete Swing.

Stop Getting Creamed on the Golf Course &
Order The Complete Swing Right Now

Look, if you’ve gotten this far, it’s clear that your golf game is not at the level you want it to be.

Whatever you’ve tried before… whether it’s reading web articles, getting a book… or even buying lessons… it hasn’t done it’s job.

You’re left only with two choices:

number-1 Let your golf game stay at it’s current level forever
number-2 Order The Complete Swing and within minutes, start learning the secrets to transform your game so everyone who watches you play thinks you’re a natural.


Imagine what it’s going to be like to walk onto the green… confident… Sure of yourself… and know that in any game you can hit the ball devastatingly far… much farther than your opponents… that you can sink balls into the whole from places at on the course that look borderline impossible

Think of what it will be like to have your friends asking, demanding, pleading to know what you’re doing differently because they’re so jealous of your sing.

Imagine how it’s going to feel when you dominate the next game you’re in with your buddies, having everyone watching and admiring you…

And even your friends wives and girlfriends can’t help but wonder what it would be like to be with the man who is the proven alpha-male of the group…

You want this experience… and you can have it right now without wasting another second…

What you must do now is click the Add to Cart button, or this is just a cheap fantasy you’re playing “make believe” with.

Make this a reality today. You’ll be taken to a secure order page and then instantly brought to a secret link where you can download everything at once.

Your game will change for good today if you do the right thing.


P.S. – I know what it’s like to be unhappy and discouraged about your golf game. If you don’t take advantage of this right now, it’s just going to be more of the same… getting embarrassed every time you lose… dreading even playing the game because you’re just going to lose again in front of people.

Don’t let this keep happening to you.

I want to tell you how wonderful it feels to be able to walk on the field with confidence… to always know you will be the dominant player when you go out for games… but it is really something you must experience yourself.

Give yourself the game you deserve.


P.P.S. – Right now you have The Complete Swing open to you at a measly forty-seven dollars… a price that should really be three to five times as much, and probably will be someday.

If you don’t take advantage of this, I have to question if it’s worth it for you to continue playing.

If you don’t accept this gift right now and it goes off the market… don’t even consider calling our team or Julie for private lessons. If you can’t invest even 47 bucks or an hour of your time to test this fully guaranteed program out yourself, you’re not the kind of person we like dealing with.

We’re giving you something that has never even been offered in golf history, so make it yours while you still can.

Julie and I look forward to hearing your success so stay in touch!