How To Improve Your Club Head Speed To Maximize Distances (Video)

I’m sure, just like most golfers, you have heard the team club head speed. However, some golfers have no idea what this terms means. Instead of what you think, it’s really not about how hard or how fast you can swing your golf club. Rather, it’s more about how long you can maintain the angle of attack when you actually make contact with the golf ball. When you release the club head you should feel a whipping motion and this is where the club head picks up its speed and momentum. To improve your club head speed you can do one easy drill like show in the video.

There is an angle created between your wrists when you begin the takeaway on your full swing. The club head speed is creating by holding that angle as long as possible. If your club head straight above your head is at 180 degrees and your club head completely perpendicular to the ground is 0 degrees then the closer to 0 degrees you can hold this angle, the higher your club head speed will be. Distances in your drive will be maximized due to the longer you can hold this angle in your wrists throughout your swing.

While each and every golfer will have a different club head speed it does not have much to do with size and shape of the golfer themselves. Just because someone is taller and heavier than another golfer doesn’t mean that person will always be able to consistently hit the ball farther than someone who is shorter and lighter in weight. The golfers who have good hand eye control will also have a better chance to get the feel of increased club head speed sooner. Without club head speed, you will notice that most of your golf club distances will be the same. It will not matter if you hit your 5 iron or your 5 wood, they will go the same distance.

You should not confuse swinging hard at the ball with getting an increase in your club head speed. Club head speed can be gained without over swinging. Everyone needs a good drill to practice and here is a good one to work on to increase your club head speed during your next visit to the driving range:

1. Take your 7 iron and place a ball on high tee

2. Set up to the ball in a more upright stance and close to the ball

3. Keep your feet together

4. Swing the club no higher than waist high on the backswing and forward swing

5. Focus on the angle at your wrists and swing the club at about 45%

6. Let the club head release at the ball and try to get the tee to pop out of the ground

7. If this is done correctly you should be able to hit the ball about 75% of distance you usually get from your 7 iron

After you spend some time working on this drill, you should eventually get to the point where you feel that sweet shot and these shots begin to feel effortless. Maintaining the angle in your wrists as long as possible into the hitting zone is the most effective way to increase your club head speed. Increased club head speed will provide you increased golf distances on the driving range as well as on the golf course itself.