Tips To Hitting Your Driver Straight (Video)

When thinking about how to hit your driver straight and more consistently, the first thing to note is your driver is your longest club in your bag. Because of the increased length in this club, you should expect more of a lag in time when you swing this club. This means it will take you longer to bring your club to and through the hitting zone.

The head on the driver is also a lot larger than the head on any of your other clubs in your bag. These two issues mean there will be a lot more effort on your part getting your club head to and through the hitting zone while maintaining the club head speed you need for consistent drives with your driver.

Another thing to consider is the height of your club head face when hitting your driver. Many new drivers are bigger and thus taller than ever before. Teeing the ball correctly to the height of your club is always important. You can find longer tees at your local golf shop and these are recommended to use when hitting your driver. You should use an exaggerated tee up when hitting your driver.

This means to tee the ball up slightly higher than you normally would and by using the longer tees, you will find the margin for error in hitting your driver diminish as well. The main purpose of this tactic is you want to get the ball up in the air as quickly as you can and this setup will help in that effort.

Also important to remember is your setup to the ball. When hitting your driver, you want your ball to be forward in your stance. A good rule of thumb is when hitting your driver or other fairway woods, your ball should be positioned in your stance equal to the inside spot of your left heel (if you are a right handed player – opposite for left-handed players).

Your alignment is also important. If you do all of the above but forget to align correctly to the target, most of what we have learned here before will go to waste. Also take some practice swings before addressing the ball. You will want to hear that magic “swoosh” sound as your club head brushes the ground next to the ball. That will tell you that you are positioned correctly in regard to height and length away from your expected target.

Lastly, be sure to not try and over swing with your driver. It’s such a common mistake most people make when they get their driver in their hands. They want to hit the ball so hard because they feel the driver is supposed to do just that. Take a deep breath before you start your swing.

Remember that hitting your driver 80% of how hard you want to hit it will do two things. First, your drive will still go a long, long way and second and most-important, your drive is likely to stay in the fairway. One of the common problems associated with over driving or swinging too hard is your drive is likely to end up out of bounds or in another fairway; which will make your game that much harder or ever worse, add strokes to your score.

To wrap up, remember to not over swing. Try and simply maintain your good club head speed throughout your entire swing with your driver and you should see remarkable results in how much more consistently you are able to hit your driver.